Gamelan Cendana Batubulan

Performance of Classical Legong Dance - On Bali Arts Festival 2013

Gamelan Cendana Batubulan Gong Sanggar

Group of Gamelan Cendana had performed a rare classical Legong dances with gamelan Semara Pegulingan as a part of dance preservation. This was a performance of Legong dances which had reconstructed some years before by the Maestro of Legong dance, and performed again for the public on Bali Arts Festival 2013.

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In producing this performance, the Group of Gamelan Cendana (led by I Ketut Suanda, M.Sn) collaborated with Balinese dance Maestro, Ni Ketut Arini, S.ST and a foreign dance group.


Legong Bapang Durga Dance

The dance performance started with Gabor dance continued with three Legong dances. They were Condong Legong, Legong Bapang Durga, and Legong Pelayon. These Legong dances had a long conservation “journey,” for example the Condong Legong dance last have had performed in 1969 and reconstructed again in 1997. The Legong Bapang Durga have had performed last in 1957 by Ni Ketut Arini. And also the Legong Pelayon had already reconstructed in 1975.


Legong Pelayon Dance

Besides dances, the group of Gamelan Cendana also performed two instrumental works. They were the instrumental “Ulinan” and “Gung Gek Ayu Meneng.”

The instrumental Ulinan was composed in 2011 by I Ketut Suanda. In that time this instrumental was in the form of Bebarongan (composition that mainly based on a kind of Barong accompaniment style), but on the performance at Bali Arts Festival 2013, this instrumental was reformed into a Semara Pegulingan instrumental.

Another instrumental works of I Ketut Suanda which was performed by group of Gamelan Cendana was Gung Gek Ayu Meneng, an instrumental that inspired from the story of Dempu Awang.


Gamelan Cendana Batubulan PKB 2013

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